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Our slogan reads “quality is our asset”. Quality is an extensive concept. It does not only include the technical quality of the performed treatment, but als includes matters like service, reliability, environment and safety. This is all well taken care of at COBLA.

To start with, we meet all statutory regulations on the environment and safety and are continuously trying to improve on these aspects even more. Our service is also a great asset: our working procedures are very conscientious and we are always willing to help you whenever you need us. We can even take care of the transport for you. Of course we attach great value to being a reliable partner: engagement means engagement!

Quality control
To make sure that the quality of the product as we deliver it back meets our high standards, we have very strict quality controls. First of all, we check the product when it comes in. Any irregularities will be passed on to you, before we start treating your product. After this entrance-control is succesfully concluded, we take the product into production. After the needed treatments are finished, we of course check the quality again. When there then should be any deficiencies, the product will not be handed over to you before we corrected them.
Above that, while coating the project, we always spray or powder an extra sample. This way we can always check the quality, color and gloss of the product with the help of this sample. Another standard procedure of us is to deliver some paint with your product, so you can easily touch up damage which for example arises while assembling the product .

Guarantee conditions
Of course we guarantee that your product meets the arranged quality conditions after we hand it over to you again. Might there however still be some deficiencies which we are responsible for, we will correct them. You can also conclude a maintenance- or guarantee-contract with us if you require this. We can deliver up to a 10 year guarantee.
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