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Cobla exists since 1990. The name Cobla is derived from the concepts coating and blasting. Cobla has enthousiastic and experienced employees. Flexibility, quality, reliable deliverence and service are our spearheads. Above that we have a very modern and up-to-date equipment to our disposal.

The market in which Cobla has its core-business, is the (metalproducts)industry. Of course we also work for private individual persons. We take care of a whole range of surface-treatments:
- powder coating
- paint spraying
- sand blasting
- shot peenen
- metallization/ thermal spraying

We also arrange the (hot dip)galvanizing of your products. Go to business activities for more information about what we exactly do. We treat all kinds of materials: (zincen)steel, stainless steel, aluminium, wood, glass, and synthetic materials. The objects we handle, therefore vary from steel constructions of seven metres to plastic brackets of a few inches, from industrial doors to art-objects and from old-timers up to synthetic profiles. Go to references for examples of objects we treated. How we work you can find under working procedures.

Our slogan reads “quality is our asset”. This is because quality is what distincts us from others. We check all products when they are brought in and before we return them. We also offer a guarantee up to 10 years! Of course we also meet all the latest environmental requirements. Our objective is to be as ecologically sound as possible. For more information on these subjects please see quality and guarantee and environment and safety.

Because we are very flexible and customer-orientated, we can make very clear arrangements. We therefore always keep our promises. Above that, it is always possible for us to fit in a very urgent job.

To make communication between you and us even more easy, some extra features have been included on this site:
- you can ask us to make you an offer on some work you have to get done
- you can e-mail us
Industrieweg 2K, 4731 SC Oudenbosch, The Netherlands, P 00-31-165-320189, E
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