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Paint spraying is the application of one or more paint layers by spraying the paint on the material with the use of a spraying gun. This method can be used on almost all materials. Of course in practice this is not as easy as it sounds. To adequately paint spray an object, the object needs the appropiate prepatory works. What kind of pre-treatment a product gets, depends on the material and your wishes. A steel construction for example often gets sandblasted and primered before it can be coated (and sometimes needs more layers), while some synthetics only need to be degreased before they are ready to be coated.

Paint Choice
When choosing the paint to be used, a lot of factors have to be taken into account: the material, the primer (if there is one), the place the object gets used (within, outside, etc.), the use of the object (is it only an art object or is it worked with), etc. It for example makes a big difference whether an object is to be used in a coastal (within 30 km from the coast) or industrial area or in a more rural are. The latter requires a much “lighter” system.
Of course we have the know-how to help you choose the appropriate treatment .

Extra information
Our cabin is 3750 mm wide, 2750 mm high and including the oven 16000 mm long. The maximum weight an object may have is 600 kilo.

If you want more information about paint spraying, you can of course always call us (0031165-320189), e-mail us or visit us (Industrieweg 2K).
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