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To prevent your product from getting rusty, it is recommended to zinc, or galvanize, it. A layer of zinc protects your product from corrosion for years. A lot of products we metallize, but when we cannot metallize an object or the demands are different, we let it galvanize.

Especially products that have to be zinced internal as well as external (like piping) or that are difficult for us to metallize (like fences), we contract out. First the products are made ready for galvanization. This is done by dipping them into a bath with stain or by letting us sandblast it. This last procedure is necessary if there are still remains of paint on the material. After the products are clean enough, they get dipped into a bath of liquid zinc of 450 degrees. The zinc then reacts on the steel and internal as well as external alloys of iron and zinc, with a thin topcoat of pure zinc, are formed.

Finishing touch
Finally the products are made ready for coating: possible sharp edges and flux rests are removed in this phase. When the product then comes back to us, we lightly sweep blast it. This sweep blasting is essential to clean up the zinc layer from possible zinc salts and other pollution. Now the product is ready for paint spraying or powder coating.
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